Plaid Maker from pointcarre on Vimeo.

We guarantee the colors you use

to be the same throughout the creation and development process: Easily define colorways for the warp and the weft and edit the weave blanket!

The warp and weft color can be drawn directly on the cloth or entered as a formula. Quickly create plaids and stripes at the correct density.

4000 weaves / 120 yarns from pointcarre on Vimeo.

The software comes with a yarn library,

T4000 weave structures and the Pantone® Textile Library color picker. You can reference the colors of your yarns and use them directly in your designs. Then, it is easy to create quick and accurate woven simulations using any kind of yarn (boucle, chenille, slub, twisted …).

The quality of the Pointcarre simulation is so true to life (added this text. what do you think? ), it is recognized by prominent textile designers.

Magic Tech Card Video from pointcarre on Vimeo.

You have finished your work?

Just edit a technical data sheet for the manufacturer! You can select the different data that you want to transmit: Pointcarre will automatically analyze your fabric to translate it into weaving data.

You will save time creating your design and what you want is what you will get from the mill…


Pointcarre has been developing and providing Computer Aided Design (CAD) software solutions aimed at the fashion industries for more than 25 years. Our success has been built on long term partnerships with customers that have ensured the continuous development of our products.

All our clients understand the advantages of using Pointcarre software on Mac and PC. Working with Pointcarre is intuitive, flexible and user friendly. Designers work within a single application to design, separate, colour, create 3D representations...

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